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Sonya Sage is a multi-dimensional energy healer, whose field of expertise is the Chakra System.

Sonya's energy healing work goes beyond the human collective. She guides and leads Earth Activation work with a focus on the Earth's Chakras and conducted a powerful activation at Glastonbury Tor on Winter Solstice 2020 to assist the Indigenous Guardians of the Earth with the activation and alignment of the new aeon. 

2022 has seen Sonya fulfil an important Soul Mission. Throughout the year so far, she has journeyed to the different node points along the Spine of Albion - The Isle of Wight to the Scottish Highlands - to implement the coding for the Planetary DNA Activation.


Sonya is a Keeper of Collective and Earth Blueprints. Her work is powerful, nurturing and transformational. She recognises the Sacred Potential in each person she works with and holds space for them with care and love accordingly.


Sonya specialises in activating Chakras beyond the standard 7 system, cleansing and realigning all levels of the auric field and has her own modality, Helix Energy Healing which awakens, clears and heals the Hara Line. Particularly in other energy healers and practitioners, this work activates a higher frequency healing or new modality to their own practice.


Sonya has been running Spiritual Development programmes for 7 years. Her current offerings are available online. Nurture Your Light is a 3 month programme to assist you with developing your spiritual practice and the Lunar Level Up is for those who have been on their journey for a while and feel stagnant or need the shift from 4D to 5D. Throughout the years Sonya has hosted Chakra Sundays, a weekly Chakra programme which includes a lightcoded meditation.


Sonya has also begun to hold group sessions in person again, and during 2022 has delivered 'Mother Tongue : Mother Earth' at Medicine Festival and will be holding Chakra Sundays at the Mind Body Soul Experience at Alexandra Palace in October.

Sonya has had an incredible spiritual journey so far. In her quest to follow her spiritual path, Sonya lost everything yet gained so much more!


Sonya is a walking example of the phrase 'Breakdown before the Breakthrough', and puts it down to having absolute faith and trust in the path she is living and recognising that the obstacles, homelessness and relationship breakdown were all part of her journey to fully understand the shift from 3D to 5D consciousness, in order to be able to guide others in their own healing and ascension journey.


Throughout her awakening, she has drawn upon her skills as a facilitator and project manager together with her intuitive abilities, to run spiritually themed workshops focusing on the path to self-healing, to guide clients on their own journey's of discovery and inner knowing. She also set up and ran The Arcade Crystal Shop in Chingford which was a peaceful, nurturing hub of love.

Sonya is accredited and insured to deliver Chakra Balance and Crystal Healing treatments and is trained to teach meditation. Sonya is passionate about all her work and everybody she works with. She loves big and actively weaves the love she embodies in her thoughts, words and deeds, whether she's in the supermarket or holding a ceremonial space. Her greatest desire is for everybody to feel love and remember their divinity.. 

Sonya has written a feature on Hidden Chakras that was published in the December 2017 of Spirit and Destiny Magazine and wrote for the December 2020 issue of Dowsing Today an article called 'In Honour of the Mother'. 

For enquiries and bookings, including speaking and delivering workshops and private or public events please contact Sonya at


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