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If there is a physical embodiment of the Violet Flame then I have to say that Amethyst is it!


If you get hold of a piece of Amethyst that are now arriving for us to be their Guardians, you will see it activate and come to life before your eyes! You will wonder if its your imagination as that glow of fire wasn't there before! But oh yes it's there now as the Violet Flame transitions you on to a new timeline, a new beginning, a purification of what was to step fully and completely into what is to BE.

The Amethysts coming to the surface for us at the moment carry a new vibration. I feel they bring with them the energy necessary for transmutation of what we are releasing along with a surging vibration of purification. They are key in creating the shifts needed if you have felt stagnant. 

Amethyst is also a calming crystal that brings great clarity when needed. If you are going through a tough time then this crystal will assist you with getting through each day.

Amethyst is a must have for all crystal collectors and lightworkers. Some of it's properties include enhancing the energy of Reiki treatments, and healing negative earth energy. It is also a key meditation crystal, bringing greater connection to the Higher Self, Angelic Realm and Spirit Guides.

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