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Crystal Energy and Properties

I love going crystal shopping and try my best to hand pick every crystal that appears here on the website, including all the little tumblestones! 

Once I bring the crystals back with me, I prepare them for you, their new guardians. This involves me touching and holding every single crystal, welcoming them into my care as they await their new home, apologising for any trauma they may have endured on their journey from the depths of the Earth until they reached my hands, giving them an abundance of love and cleansing them. 

The cleansing process can take a few minutes or a few days. I decide as I energetically connect with the vibration of the crystal. I use Sage and Palo Santo to cleanse the crystals and also speak to them and chant mantras that relate to the Chakra centres. I will also decide if the crystal needs to be out in the elements and either bathe under the sun or the moon.

Once I feel the crystal is ready to be introduced to the world, I then sit with it and connect with the soul of the crystal to see what message it has for us here on the Earth Plane. I believe that every individual crystal has it's own person message for it's guardian but that is for each person to bring through themselves.

Crystals do have standard meanings and properties which you will find in crystal books and across the internet. Here you will find my own personal messages from the soul of the crystal.


As the vibration of the Earth shifts along with humanity, I am finding that so to does the energy of the crystals that are being brought into our awareness. You may find these reflected in the information I have written about each crystal.

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