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So This Is Love

Essential Oils

Palma Rosa



Rose Quartz

Rose Aura Quartz

Waters from the White Spring and Chalice Well in Glastonbury

So This Is Love is phase one of a frequency channeled to work on both a collective and individual level.

It brings through preparatory energy for the planetary activation of the Principle of Love which will come into affect in the coming 5 years.

On a personal level, this frequency primarily guides you to reflect on your relationship with love, particularly romantic relationships, and the limitations you may have placed on yourself to give, receive and accept love.

It guides you on matters of the heart, in order to bring peace and happiness, whilst healing the core soundings of abandonment and betrayal that may have imprinted on the psyche from young or from past or concurrent timelines.

The combination of essential oils with the crystals opens up the higher channel from the Heart to the Crown whilst cleansing energetic clutter from the auric field, encouraging you to take a moment to be still as you allow calm to bring through emotional healing.

Yet it also brings through a joyous energy. Gently stirring and connecting you with your sensuality as balance is brought to both masculine and feminine within in order to harness the deep passion, confidence and limitless love that is available to us all.

Harmony and Grace restore order to mind, body and soul as you allow yourself to let go of all that was preventing you from moving forward.

Use daily, spraying over the aura, for 14 - 21 days in the run up to Spring Equinox, and then as and when required.

Not for use in pregnancy or the first 3 months postpartum.

2/2 Portal Auraspray - So This Is Love

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