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The Merkaba is known as the ‘ light spirit body’. It’s frequency can bring through an acceleration in our spiritual journey and brings balance to the masculine and feminine aspects that we all hold within us. It may also strengthen our connection and understanding of the elements ( Earth, Water, Fire, Air) and guides us to look at our connection to the universe and our own inner world.

Smoky Quartz is a great grounding crystal that gently opens up the Root Chakra. Ideal if you feel you have been not participating in life much or have been recovering from illness.

It absorbs low vibe energy whether free flowing or intentional so is a good crystal to have in situations such as the workplace where there may be potential issues or you feel worn down with the ‘office politics’.

It is my key recommendation to work with for anxiety and depression. It brings through a strength and resilience to guide you to work towards your own emotional wellness, as well as, providing you with a strong calming energy.


Its also a protective crystal to work with in relation to EMFs and also said to be a good crystal to protect possessions, particularly electricals.

Small Smoky Quartz Merkaba

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