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The Cerebellum Session is an online energy alingment and activation session. This lesser known Chakra which is situated approximately 6-12 inches from the back of the head. Through the frequency I channel as I speak, the activation is able to begin it's process.


Activation of the Cerebellum Chakra is the game changer if you wish to transition from 3D to 5D consciousness. In an initial activation of this Chakra energy, we find that it is the home of our inner child. It is where our memories are stored, as well as, past emotions, relating to experiences we have had in this lifetime. If there are any limiting patterns of behaviour or situations in your life that bring these up, it is from this energy centre that we will find them.


Anything that belongs to the ego will show up in all it's glory to be healed, reconciled and released, and it may often be our responses that we have created through trauma or emotional suppression that decide to air themselves for our viewing. The Cerebellum Chakra will journey you back down to different Chakras which hold trauma, imbalance or redundant patterning that needs to be faced, cleansed dissolved or reconciled.


When making the commitment to ourselves in taking this journey of self-healing, we have to show up and take accountability, often for our own responses and reactions. What we will also find is that although we may not have to take responsibility for our experiences, we most certainly are accountable for the healing needed and the choice to remain stuck or make changes to our mindset, beliefs and physical lives.


In a 90 minute online session, I will bring through an indepth analysis of what trauma is being held throughout different time periods of your life (eg 0-7 years old, 7-14 and so on), what Chakra this has manifested in, why it needs to be healed and what Chakra you need to work through to bring about a shift to any redundant patterns or trauma response.


There is a greater alignment with your highest timeline when this work is done along with the potential for future dorment DNA activations. (this will be explained in greater detail during the session). Activation of the Cerebellum Chakra can also assist with the activation of the Hara Line which opens us up energetically to receive, sense, process and decode energy at greater speed and higher frequencies than we were previously able to.

The Cerebellum Session - Online Energy Alignment

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