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5 mai 2024 - 31 mai 2024

Pleasure Dome - A Sacral Activation

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Pleasure Dome is a 4 week Sacral Activation and level up that aims to guide you on a journey of retrieve and reintegrate aspects of the feminine that have been rejected or denied. The journey begins on the 5/5 Portal (Sunday 5th May) and will consist of a 60 minute live Radical Rest meditations held via Zoom (recording will also be available), that will take place on Sunday mornings at 10:30am for 4 weeks. Each week there will also be questions / journaling prompts available for you to reflect on. This practice will be an activation of the Sacral Chakra to raise it's frequency as we approach Summer Solstice. The programme for each week is as follows: Sunday 5th May: RETRIEVE - Focusing on the breath and the power of rest, we will explore aspects of us where we feel undervalued and/or unsupported. These are feelings that we may acknowledge, but often don't share or vocalise, leaving the potential for us to feel a sense of emptiness which can cause a disconnect to our ability find pleasure in many areas of our lives. Sunday 12th May: REFLECT - We will reflect on our maternal connections, the role of women ancestrally and how colonisation has created a disconnect to the Earth. We will go on an exploration of what these themes can signify to our connection to the Earth, the Great Mother of all and Creator of all life. Can we surrender to all that is in order to emerge rebirthed from the chaos of the womb. Sunday 19th May: RESTORE - Emotions that we hold on to, such as grief, anger, frustration and resentment have the potential to manifest as physical ailments. This session will guide us on a journey to the Root Chakra for a restoration of life force to the subtle energy body, inviting light to enter and bring clarity, reflection and healing. Sunday 26th May: REVIVE - Our final session we embrace our creativity and sensuality, integrating the higher frequency of the Sacral Chakra to the Throat Chakra, exploring joy and pleasure as an expression of our truth.

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Pleasure Dome - A Sacral Activation

Pleasure Dome - A Sacral Activation

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