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Small Dark Amethyst Tumblestone from South Africa

Know as the all purpose healer, Amethyst is a must have for all crystal collections.

It’s a great crystal for energy protection. It will also assist with balancing you’re own energy, bringing calm the nervous system so that you can focus and be present, even in times of stress.

It resonates with both the third eye and crown chakras, yet is beneficial placed anywhere on the body to assist with shifting energy blockages.

I believe that the majority of Amethyst available presently is coded with the frequencies of the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame, and in that respect, is an ideal crystal to work with if connecting to St Germain or AA Zadikiel.

A powerful crystal that will enhance the frequency of energy healing such as Reiki. And also a beautiful crystal to work with for animal healing.

Placing on the temples may assist with easing pressure from headaches.

Amethyst Tumblestone - small

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