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Polychrome Jasper Shield

I feel that the energy of Polychrome Jasper is very interesting to work with. It will come into your guardianship at a time when you may feel as if you are in a holding period. You have completed a cycle, closed off past timelines or healed a karmic pattern. It is at these times where you may then feel as if you are in limbo or waiting for something. What has been released or cleared is no longer being held by you energetically and there is space for something new and more aligned with your soul to enter.

Yet it can often being during these periods of time, when you are in the void, where you feel a bit flat or like you have lost your fire.

Polychrome Jasper comes in to fire up your passion with a new found energy. It is not there to support the old foundation, it is with you to guide you to create and manifest the new. A new romantic relationship comes to mind, but one which has firmer boundaries. A job more aligned with your values and principles rather than something that is just to pay the bills. A call out to connect with your soul family and build friendships and relationships that do not judge or scorn.

Polychrome Jasper is a powerful fire starter that will assist with activation of the Earth Star Chakra and a rebalance of the Root Chakra, ensuring that the transmission in energy is rapid yet doesn't knock you out of your flow.

A pretty amazing crystal to work with especially if you are on a conscious path to integrating and embodying 5d light codes and consciousness.

Polychrome Jasper Egg

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