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Summer Auraspray


  • Blended and solar charged on Summer Solstice
  • Water from both the Chalice Well and White Spring in Glastonbury
  • Charged with natural Citrine crystal from the Atlas Mountains

Essential Oils

  • Bergamot head notes
  • Jasmine heart notes
  • Cedarwood base notes


This auraspray is simply called Summer. I know, it's a bit ironic considering we are not having much of one in the UK this year!!


Yet as you spray this over your aura, you may feel as you are being taken to a warm, sultry day, where the air is fragrant and full-bodied with the scent of summer blooms. Thoughts of connecting to the Earth and disappearing into the long stemmed grass that brings through the stillness needed, for the Chakra system to realign to the Solar Plexus as its centre.


This auraspray brings carries light coding for solar light upgrades. The Solar Light upgrade brings through a deeper resonance to the solar plexus chakra and an embodiment of your true identity. Not that which has been dependent on approval and societal conditioning, but the truth of your natural essence and who you were always meant to be.


Summer auraspray carries a gentle energy with it, and the reasurance to move with the seasons of life as they come into natural alignement with your journey and being.


How to use

3 sprays around the aura daily (in the morning) up to Lionsgate Portal (8th August). Use as and when you choose to afterwards.


*not for use in pregnancy, whilst breasfeeding or first 3 months postpartum.*

*do not use if you have sensitivity to any of the essential oils listed above*

Summer Auraspray

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