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Orchidean Calcite

The energy of Calcite crystals is very fast, activating with your vibration and bringing into balance all aspects of the physical and energetic bodies.


Orchidean Calcite resonates primarily with the Sacral Chakra, although this high vibrational stone will also bring the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras into alignment.

I feel that Orchidean Calcite is a key crystal for the ascension journey. It will lead you to go within and discover what parts of yourself you are hiding in fear of being judged. It will guide you to a state where you recognise that the only approval needed is your own. Orchidean Calcite will assist you with realising your own worth along with knowing that before you can pour into another, your own cup needs to be full and overflowing.


Orchidean Calcite will call to you to surrender and let go of the past. Recognise that what has happened was an experience and lessons have be learnt, but you do not need it to define your past, present and future. This crystals will allow you to embrace the sweeping changes that are occurring and flow with the cycles of life. This will assist with being open to receive all the amazing possibilities and gifts that the universe is waiting to deliver into your BE-ing.


When you are at a stage in your life where you feel you really need to bring in change, releasing self-imposed limitations and patterns that no longer work for you, Orchidean Calcite is an ideal crystal to support you in those changes. It is an ideal crystal for bringing focus and also embracing your originality, creativity and the true essence of yourself. Ochidean Calcite is a great accompaniment to your spiritual journey, assisting with the collapsing and closing of timelines that no longer serve you and aligning you with your highest timeline of light, love and joy.

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