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Chakra Balance and Crystal Healing
*** next available dates for bookings are:
Thursday 14th November daytime
Friday 15th November evening 
Sunday 17th November daytime ***
A relaxing one hour session journeying through the chakras to bring balance and alignment to the physical and energetic body. Sonya will work intuitively with the crystals to channel source energy and bring balance and alignment to the energy centres where it is most needed. 
As Sonya balances your Chakras and brings them into flow, they speak to her. They tell her where you need to bring in more balance as well as what crystals you should be working with. Your Chakras will have an energetic conversation with Sonya of where they may be storing trauma, heartbreak or stagnation. They guide Sonya to let you know of a yoga asana or an element you could be working or practicing with. Your Chakra system may even decide that it is ready for an activation of chakras beyond the standard 7 Chakra system and will let Sonya know how this can be worked on and activated.
Working in harmony with the crystals and her Spirit Team, Sonya will tune in to listen to what the energy body wants to communicate.
When booking, please leave a note at checkout stating the dates and times you have available for booking. You will be emailed back with a confirmation. Please also remember to fill in your phone number at checkout. Sessions are currently taking place in Highams Park, Chingford.

Chakra Balance and Crystal Healing

  • 48 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel at least 48 hours before your schedule booking you will receive a refund.