We're absolutely thrilled to be offering our first in person group session since early 2020!
Join Sonya Sage for a very special Chakra Sundays On Sunday 1st August, from 11am to 1pm, as we prepare for the Lionsgate Portal.
We will be entering the Cerebellum Chakra, home of the Inner Child, and delving into trauma response and patterning that may still be keeping us in limitation. This will also involve an activation of the Hara Line which is Sonya's first level attunement process to the Golden Ray and other Rays that may be in your lineage to attune to.
This powerful energy guides us to align with Truth and that includes the truth of our own behaviours as well as seeing and being able to discern the truth of the world we currently live in.
We will look at this process as giving us greater potential to connect with our Higher Self along with a Soul Awakening as we begin to take steps to integrate our Soul Calling into our Purpose and everyday lives.
The activation of the Hara Line also brings through the possibility of DNA activation or at the very least clearing emotional debris so the potential for DNA lightcodes are able to enter in the future.
The 144 Crystalline Grid brings through a deeper connection to Mother Earth, Sacred Sites and Soul Family, as well as, strengthening the intuitive connection between lightworkers / Starseeds across the globe.
The Lionsgate occurs on the 8/8 every year and is a powerful portal of activation and alignment, the work we do on the 1st August will be in preparation for this date and beyond.
This workshop will be held at The Bosom in WOW Acton, London W3. Full address will be given once your space is booked.
I look forward to seeing you!

Chakra Sundays - The Lionsgate Portal Activation

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