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Crystal Healing and Chakra Activation Programme is conducted over 8 sessions. Each session can be spaced between 1 and 3 weeks apart.


What you will receive when booking this programme:

8 x Chakra Balance and Crystal Healing Sessions (normally £55 a session)

A crystal each session, totalling in 8 crystals to add to your collection.

The Sage Son Chakra Programme workbook each session


This programme is ideal for anyone who is either new to or feels stagnant on their spiritual journey. It's purpose is to assist with bringing in balance to the energetic body, develop intuitive abillities and bring guidance, commitment and consistancy to develop a personal spiritual practice that works and can be adapted to you and your needs.


As well as having the experience of regular Chakra Balance and Crystal Healing, you will also gain a knowledge and insight into the Chakra system and working with crystals.


There is also the possiblility that this 8 session programme is the foundation and/or trigger point needed for a Kundalini Awakening. 


The first session will begin with a Chakra check up to determine how the main seven chakras are in balance and in flow. Sonya works intuitively to bring this information from Source to the Earth Plain. The focus will then be placed on a Crystal Healing to the Root Chakra.


Subsequent sessions will then focus on a different Chakra, giving a crystal healing from Sacral right through to the Crown with the final session focusing on a full Chakra Balance and Crystal Healing.


Each session you will be given a crystal and a workbook to take home with you focusing on the Chakra you have been working on. There will also be a check in phone call or email to see how you are getting on. During the period between your next session these will assist you with learning more about the Chakras, Crystals, Energy and how they can all work to assist you in your world and on your spiritual journey. They will be a beneficial guide on your continued work and development of your intuition and self-discovery.


There are 2 payment options available. 

Option 1: Pay £150 deposit and an invoice will be sent for the reamining £250 payment to be paid within 4 weeks of the initial payment. If remaning payments are not received, the programme will sop after 3 sessions until it is paid.


Option 2:

Payment of £400 in full.


Sessions are currently taking place in Ilford, Essex. Unfortunately there is no disabled access and a number of stairs to climb so please bare this in mind when booking.

Crystal Healing and Chakra Activation Programme