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Fluorite is a highly cleansing crystal. It is one that I have worked with for many years now and is my recommendation for shifting energetic blockages. The combination of green, purple and clear within the majority of Rainbow Fluorite provides a clearing channel between the Heart and the Brow Chakras, gently yet effectively bring calm and clarity whilst removing any blockages from the Heart Centre which were preventing emotional healing and stagnation of your soul journey.


The Octahedron shape resonates with the Heart Chakra and brings in a focus on all the aspects of our lives, within and externally that need to be brought into balance and how to implement this effectively and for our highest good. It will guide you to face and take responsibility for how your life has been and the direction it is to go in, showing you that it is only you who has the power to make changes in your life, no matter how difficult they may seem.


The combination of this sacred shape with Fluorite enhances the vibration of the Crystal and how it resonates with its Guardian, to ensure that you focus on your path and wellbeing whilst going through any changes that are necessary for the evolution of your souls journey. It will provide greater clarity and connection to the higher self along with fresh energy and focus for projects and desires you are working towards.


What I am feeling from the Fluorite Octahedrons is that they anchor into the Heart centre to then channeling a cleansing energy of renewal and rebirth right through the upper Chakras. Much needed if you have been integrating new lightcodes!

Fluorite Octahedron

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