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Mined in Australia, Mookaite for me is the embodiment of Mother Earth. It is the mother who holds and stores the secrets of humanity. It brings you the courage you thought you had lost. Just as a mum is always cheerleading her kids on, Mookaite brings in that nurture to motivate you towards shaping the dream into reality.

Mookaite brings through the reassurance that it is all within you. From the knowledge that you acquired the other day to the wisdom that is stored deep inside you from lifetimes past and your ancestral lines.

If you have been lapsing in self-care, then Mookaite will nudge you to nurture yourself, ensuring that you have the energy, stamina and mental capabilities needed to carry you through to new opportunities and enlightenment.

I feel that Mookaite is a key crystal to work with for activation and balance of the Earth Star Chakra, providing access and alignment to the 5d crystalline Earth grids.

Mookaite Tumblestone

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