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Rhodonite from Peru


Rhodonite brings through a recalibration of the Yin and Yang energies that we all hold within. It may be that we feel abit lost, even when we begin working with Rhodonite, but as we allow the stillness to settle in, we get guided to potential deep wounding relating to either our feminiity or masculinity that are needing to come to the surface for a final release.


As buried, suppressed emotions are brought to the surface, the potential for a Kundalini awakening begins to arise, is it that Rhodonite unlocks the Bana Granthi in order for us to free ourselves from the illusion of separation? Possibly so!


I believe that the Rhodonite we currently have access to are also carrying through the coding needed to prepare the energy body for DNA lightbody activation.

Rhodonite Tumblestone

£3.70 Regular Price
£3.29Sale Price
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