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The Grail Net is a monthly programme running over 12 months created to guide more lightworkers and starseeds to step into their purpose and understand the process of birthing New Earth.


As humans, we often feel that our spirituality is outside of ourselves and even though we Earth and ground ourselves, there is also a disconnection from the Earth. 


In Sacred Earth Guardianship, we are led to remember our divinity and the alchemy that flows within us, along with the remembrance of ancient wisdom and why we came back to the Earth Plane at this time.


We are currently crossing the threshold with regards to the birthing of the Age of Aquarius. The full integration and embodiment of this timeline will not fully manifest for another few decades. It is reliant on those of us who have awoken at this time and there is ALOT of work to do!


Of course there is our own personal work, healing of core wounds and moving from separation to wholeness that has to be done, yet there is another big task that needs more lightworkers and starseeds on board. As the more Planetary Gateways are activated and expanded, the frequency of Earth rises which in turn has a positive effect on the rise in global consciousness and the ascension of humanity.


Each month, I will be delivering a live 2 hour Zoom, a pre-recorded video and a monthly energy update to discuss and teach on the follow topics:


  • Earths Chakras, Planetary Gateways and current activations taking place
  • Sacred Sites Across the world and their significance in Earth Activation
  • Planetary Grids - The Christ Grid, The 144 Crystalline Grid etc
  • Understanding the Colour Rays and their frequencies
  • Planetary Control Panels keeping humanity in separation
  • The Pain Body, Walls of Separation and the Human Psyche
  • The Grail Point and the Grail Net - planting seeds of consciousness
  • Creating Sacred Earth Activation Communities
  • Activation of the Diamond Light Body and the Diamond Light Grid
  • The Albion Spine and DNA Activations
  • The Importance of the Whale and Dolphin Matrix
  • 3d, 4d and 5d consciousness
  • Lemuria and the Heaven on Earth concept
  • The Age of Aquarius


There will also be invitations to join me at Sacred Sites throughout the year to learn and assist with Earth Healing and Activation work.


One off payment to join the programme is £222 and a 12 month subscription is also available for £22 a month which can be renewed each year. You can also sign up to this programme at any time during the year, enrolment will always be open. You can unsubscribe at any time.


What is greatly needed at this time is people who are ready to step forward and be commited to their truth with an understanding that the way to a better world is through our conscious participation in our service to Mother Earth. I am here to lead and guide you to a greater understanding to this calling, that can be put in to practice for the collective good of all.


The Grail Net begins on 1/1/22 where the firstly monthly Energy Update will be sent out, along with dates for the first Live Zoom and the pre-recorded video.


Energy Updates will be sent out on the 1st every month and pre-recorded videos will be sent on the 22nd every month.


Times and dates for the Live Zoom Classes will be held when the Sun enters a sign according to Vedic Astrology. They are as follows for 2022:


Aries - Thursday 14th April 7pm - Planetary Gate 9 - Fire Element Spinner Vortex - Halekala Crater, Hawaii

Taurus - Sunday 15th May 10am - Planetary Gate 6 - Root Chakra - Mount Shasta, USA

Gemini - Wednesday 15th June 7pm - Inner Balance/Androgyny Centre - Home of the Plumed Serpent, El Tule Tree, Palenque, Mexico

Cancer - Saturday 16th July 10am - Planetary Gateway 2, Sacral Chakra, Lake Titicaca, Peru/Bolivia

Leo - Wednesday 17th August 7pm - Planetary Gateway 1, Heart Chakra, Glastonbury/Shaftesbury

Virgo - Saturday 17th September 10am - Planetary Gateway 12, Earth Element Spinner Vortex, Table Mountain, South Africa

Libra - Monday 17th October 7pm - Planetary Gateway 11, Throat Chakra & Air Element Spinner Vortex, The Great Pyramid, Mt of Olives & Mt Sinai, Middle East/Egypt

Scorpio - Wednesday 16th November 7pm - Planetary Gate 5, Crown Chakra, Mount Kailas, Tibet

Sagittarius - Friday 16th December 7pm - Planetary Gate 4, World Purification Centre, Bali

* Dates for 2023 live sessions will be updated in November 2022


The Zoom Class taking place on Monday 17th October will focus on:

  • The Throat Chakra Planetary Gateway being the rise and fall of humanity
  • The distorted foundation of the Piscean Age - Religious tyranny and colonisation
  • The Iran Gate 
  • Timelines of feminine collectives across the world


I look forward to you all joining me as we come together to birth the New Age!

The Grail Net

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