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The Lunar Level Up is not just a workshop or a programme, it's an attunement! It's a Starseed Activation! 


This is a 2 month online programme consisting of 2 group sessions and 4 one to one activations. 


The course begins on Saturday 21st January - New Moon in Capricorn (vedic) at 9am, with the first group session. The first group session will run through the New Moon's inception point. The second group session will take place on or around Spring Equinox - New Moon in Pisces (vedic), with a date to be confirmed. All 1:2:1 sessions will be booked directly with you to a time and date that work with your schedule.


The Cerebellum Chakra resonates with the moon and feminine aspects of self. It highlights our Shadow side and is situated approximately 6 to 12 inches above the back of the head. It's also known as the Lunar Chakra.


In an initial activation of this Chakra vortex, we find that it is the home of our inner child. It is where our memories are stored and past emotions relating to experiences we have had in this lifetime. If there are any limiting patterns of behaviour, programming or situations in your life that bring these up, it is from this energy centre that we will find them.


Activation of the Cerebellum Chakra will journey you back down to different Chakras which hold trauma, imbalance or redundant patterning that needs to be faced, cleansed or released. When making the commitment to ourselves in taking this journey, we have to show up and take accountability, often for our own responses and reactions. What we will also find is that although we may not have to take responsibility for our experiences, we most certainly are accountable for the healing needed and the choice to remain stuck or make changes to our mindset, beliefs, programming and physical lives.


This programme has been created to assist with the initial activation of the Cerebellum Chakra and Hara Line. I believe it provides possibly the most important shift necessary to our spiritual awakening. It will also begin the alignment process to connect you with your original Blueprint, future DNA activations, the 6th dimensional lightbody and also may assist you with feeling more anchored into your soul purpose. Additional to this, the activation also creates an initial attunement to the Golden Ray.


If you have been feeling stuck or stagnant on your spiritual path or practice then 'The Lunar Level Up' will guide you with a process that flows gracefully, to enter a state of greater self-awareness, non-attachment and release of old paradigm ways of being such as expectation or judgement of others.


You will become the neutral observer as past situations flow to the surface and unveil the root of a limiting or a defeatist mindset, blame, repeating patterns, or ways of being.


If you have been wondering if the 5D timeline is bypassing you, then this programme will gently, yet assertively, guide you out of the Abyss of 4D and into the higher timeline potential of 5th density consciousness.


What's included:

  • 2 x 3 hour online group learning sessions with Hara and Cerebellum activation 
  • 4 x 1 hour Cerebellum Sessions which are 1:2:1 and held over Zoom. These sessions will focus in detail on what areas of the Cerebellum Chakra are holding on to patterns, programming or trauma response which is creating limitations to your Spiritual Journey
  • A 40+ page PDF workbook and guide
  • A Black Moonstone crystal


Topics Covered in the Session

  • The Cerebellum Chakra
  • The Hara Line
  • The 7 Auric Fields
  • Alpha and Omega Chakras
  • The 4th Dimension
  • 5th Dimensional Consciousness
  • The Golden Ray
  • Lightcoded Hara Line Activation and Meditation


Only 5 spaces available.


Value is £333. There is also a 5 month payment plan available of £66.60 each month if you choose the subscription option.

The Lunar Level Up

PriceFrom £66.60
Price Options
One-time purchase
Lunar Level Up
5 month payment plan
£66.60every month for 5 months
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