Need a quick answer or guidance? Then this is the reading for you.
Every Wednesday evening the 'zoom lines' are open to speak to Sonya Sage to receive Spiritual Guidance.
Sonya Sage has until recently, worked for a leading international psychic phoneline and is unique in that her readings, irrespective of enquiry will guide you to the INNER WORK that you need to do in relation to what's on your mind.
If you are looking for someone to give you answers on a very 3D or materialistic level, or if your question cannot see past attachment and expectation from outside of yourself, then Sonya is not the reader for you.
If you are willing to put in the self work in order to heal and strengthen your spiritual practice along with aligning with your soul path and manifestation abilities, then Sonya Sage is your girl!
Readings last 15 minutes and are via Zoom. If you wish to book a longer session, then please book two consecutive sessions from the time slots listed. 
In the comments box at chaeck out, please include your name, age, question if you have one, and also your email address that your Zoom link will be sent to.

Wednesday Wisdom Readings