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Red Jasper

Red Jasper resonates with the Root Chakra. Red Jasper brings emotional strength which has longevity and a determination behind it to let go of patterns that leave you in compromising positions of being easily swayed and manipulated.  It brings through a strength that you may have been unaware of, especially in situations where you find that you are being bullied, whether that be at work or in the home. On a deeper level it will guide you to look within and examine why you are possibly attracting this behaviour or these patterns in your life and assist with boosting confidence and self-worth whilst releasing the patterns that have kept you playing small.


Physically, this crystal is believed to be beneficial for issues related to the blood, ranging from circulation to menstruation. It is a warming crystal and may help with bringing suppleness to the joints if they are feeling stiff. With this in mind, Red Jasper may help with easing symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism.


Red Jasper brings forth a strong vibratory energy for working with the Earth both spiritually and physically. It enhances your connection to the Earth as well as those to the Earth Goddesses and Spirit Guides. It is a grounding crystal that will urge you to connect with Mother Earth and bring healing and love to the Earth as well as yourself. Being connected to the Earth will assist in bringing in more balance to life.

It is a very calming crystal for children and adults alike that will support you with the ebbs and flows that life brings, as well as laying down solid foundations to nurture and grow what is important to your life.

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