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Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz that is coming up into our possession is working on a deeper core level than previously possible. As we transition into a higher dimensional consciousness, the way we work with Rose Quartz has to change. Rose Quartz is a beautiful crystal, but buying it just because they look pretty is no longer enough! As we evolve, so to are the crystals that we are able to work with.


Go deep with Rose Quartz and they will take you on a personal journey to heal the grief you carry and past traumas. It will nurture you to the point where you feel complete within yourself. You have to be honest with yourself though and the self-healing that is needed. No dipping your toe in when you fancy it. Get real with yourself and Rose Quartz will deliver a real beautiful, magical healing to you!

Rose Quartz beings the message for those who feel they have been exploited in love and life and guides those people to focus on filling themselves up with an enormous amount of self love. Transmute the trauma, recognise that it may be a gift to the world and step onto the next phase of heart awakening where all the parts of the mind body and soul are brought together in harmony and oneness. 

Rose Quartz is a gentle crystal that emanates love. It is believed to be beneficial for mothers as it may help with increasing the mother - baby bond. It is a very popular first crystal for children and may also be of benefit for teenage girls with regards to the balance it brings to hormones and the female reproductive system. Emotionally Rose Quartz is believed to be good for people suffering from depression and mothers who are dealing with post-natal depression as it encourages self-love and self-forgiveness.

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