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Crystal Candles

With Christmas around the corner we have been busy making and sourcing Crystal, Spiritual and Holistic themed gifts. We have managed to find some amazing items including beautiful handmade, vegan friendly candles made with essential oils by Witchwood Remedies. And for an even more unique and special touch which is totally in keeping with our Crystal Shop, they even include healing crystals! We are in love with them! They smell divine and are perfect accompaniment for relaxing and keeping warm and cosy and the cold weather sets in. Why not pop in to the shop, have a smell at the beautiful aromas and see what one is right for you. Guaranteed you won't be able to walk out without one! My favourite this month is Pumpkin Pie which smells like Christmas and includes Citrine and Carnelian Crystals, Perfect for bringing balance to the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.

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