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The Lightworker Toolkit

Here at The Sage Son we have chosen our first Lightworker Toolkit to be all about cleansing. Working daily with the public we have realised the importance of cleansing our working environment, our home and the imprints left on our auric field at the end of the day. Having a clear and conscious mind is paramount in being at peace within ourselves and the wider world. The products chosen for this pack reflect these thoughts. Sage is known for cleansing and removing negativity from a space. We love using Palo Santo to keep us grounded and bring positivity and clarity to the environment we are in. Additional benefits of these sacred items are the anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that both Sage and Pal Santo hold and bring into the space that is being smudged. The Essence of Pure Light Clean Energy Spray provides energetic cleansing to the aura, work space and home. It leaves us feeling fresh and revitalised with it's aromatic properties of Juniper, Sage, Rosemary, Latschenkiefer and Siberian pine. Both Apophyllite and Quartz bring properties of clarity and higher conciouness. Both are fantastic crystals to use for new beginnings and deeper spiritual connection. A Himalayan Salt Bath is cleansing, detoxifying and relaxing. Himalayan Salt works wonders at repairing the auric field and cleansing us of energy that we have taken on from others. We have included shells in this toolkit as they are traditionally used in smudging rituals to hold the Sage and also to bring in the cleansing element of water. Sign up now and your toolkit. These are only available to those who sign up before 1st October. They will be shipped between the 1st and 4th October. 

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