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Day 4 - Crystal and Chakra Challenge

What is your Sacral Chakra crystal and why? How do you connect and work with its energy? ORCHIDEAN CALCITE This crystal is calling on me to surrender and let go of the past. It is happened, it is over but it does not have to define me, my present or my future. It is time for me to embrace sweeping change and flow with the natural rhythms and cycles of life. Much as I do as a woman, I flow with the cycles of change within my womb, I must now apply this concept to my life a an a whole. This crystal will encourage me to be open to receive all of the amazing things that are coming my way and step into a space of knowing I am worthy of all the good things that are arriving now. It is my time to recognise that I am spiritually blessed and to use my creative and nurturing energy for the good of myself and my family. 

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