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Day 5 - Crystal and Chakra Challenge

What word do you associate with the colour ORANGE? How can you use this word to connect with your creative and sexual energy and flow with life's changes? DEPTH is the word that I am associating with the colour orange. Like a great big juicy orange and the depth of colour and taste and liquid is has pouring from it. This depth I feel is what I need to apply to my emotions. Rather than feeling on the surface, by playing small to make other people feel comfortable, I need to go deep. I need to go deep and be true to me and my feelings. They are mine to bare, and if I keep them locked away to fester, they will be mine to eat away at my womb. My womb which is my healing centre, my creativity hub, my cauldron from which my magic is created. When I dive deep into the depth of all I feel and all I do I am able to manifest the most magnificent life. I am able to connect with the divine in ways I thought were impossible. I am able to heal myself and others with such love and compassion. When I play small, when I don't allow myself to flow into the deepest depths of who I am, I return back to the shell of a woman I was a few years ago, who was scared to step into her NO. The depth of all the emotions I hold and express, connects me with my creative, sexual self, the divine Feminine and creator of all, giving me the knowing and courage that change is inevitable. This enables me to flow with the currents whether rough or smooth. 

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