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My Throat Chakra Crystal - Sodalite

#crystalandchakrachallenge  DAY 13:  What is your Throat Chakra crystal and why? How do you connect and work with its energy? SODALITE This one took me a bit by surprise but it is well and truly Sodalite which is calling out for me to work with it. Luckily I have a few bracelets made up so I sat with it and set my intention. As soon a I had the Sodalite around my wrist I felt myself energetically lighting up! I need to use my words and wisdom to change this bullshit story that I've had for the past few years. I need to look at the words that are going through my head all the time that has me still stuck, lost and living out of a bag. I need to use my wisdom to clear the karmic and hereditary programming which has not served me any purpose and is in fact hindering my life right now. Sodalite is telling me I can do it. Stop being scared. All I've been through has made me freaking strong. I can change the story, but I need to tap into my wisdom to figure out how. As well as telling people to f*** off once in a while! 😂 

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