Releasing Feelings of Betrayal

The word betrayal came up for me today. In fact, it hit me in such a way that I felt like a much needed breakthrough moment had finally been achieved.

As the thoughts and feelings relating to betrayal came rushing in, my initial question to the universe was how do I release this? I don't want to be carrying around feelings of being betrayed and the consequent emotions it invokes.

Of course I can meditate on releasing it and changing the way I view things. I can write and release, I can forgive and set boundaries. But I recognised that these were actions I have already taken and processes I have already worked through. These feelings of betrayal, the act of being betrayed was so much deeper. It really is a case of much needed clearance on a soul level that is often required.

Betrayal leaves an awfully deep wound. The pain hurting so bad, as often it is those closest to us that betray our trust, our confidence and our hope. The major issue with betrayal is that although the pain may be excruciating, we often bury it, cut it off and close ourselves down in order to not feel or endure any potentially suffering.

This I feel can be likened to a silent danger zone. As we close ourselves down to our heartfelt emotions, it has a ricochet effect on who we let into our lives, the level of trust we have in humanity and how much of ourselves we give to others. How do we fully engage and take part in our world and our own lives if we are then holding a part of ourselves back?

I feel that the effects of betrayal reside in the Heart Chakra. This led me to check in on myself. Where I feel betrayed on the surface, what does that tell me on a soul level? Is it the case that if I look at this from a spiritual stance, I have been betraying myself? How have I betrayed myself? Is it that what is within me, is actually being reflected back at me? Not as an exact mirror image but most certainly with regards to the feeling.

For us to be able to ascend with our spiritual journey, these realisations and the related introspection they bring do need to be healed and resolved, forgiven and released.

There is a deep call as we transcend into higher consciousness for new Chakras to open up and support us on our soul journey. This is not possible if we choose not to undertake the deep soul work required. For us to accept and amalgamate all of our soul lessons so far, we have to shine a light on the darkest parts of us.

If we feel that we have been doing the healing work, yet it appears that life is stagnant and we can't quite figure out how to move forward, maybe a shift in perspective is needed. If we are to elevate our lives to a higher dimension of understanding, we have to bring to the surface the parts of ourselves that we have tried to forget about.

This is where my journey is now taking me. On a deep self discovery that then aligns me at a soul level to the crystals. In discovering the messages beyond the surface of the crystals I am able to connect with myself at a level I either had not thought to explore or chosen not to. In doing so I am able to bring so much to the surface to either embrace, or release.