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Releasing Feelings of Betrayal

The word betrayal came up for me today. In fact, it hit me in such a way that I felt like a much needed breakthrough moment had finally been achieved.

As the thoughts and feelings relating to betrayal came rushing in, my initial question to the universe was how do I release this? I don't want to be carrying around feelings of being betrayed and the consequent emotions it invokes.

Of course I can meditate on releasing it and changing the way I view things. I can write and release, I can forgive and set boundaries. But I recognised that these were actions I have already taken and processes I have already worked through. These feelings of betrayal, the act of being betrayed was so much deeper. It really is a case of much needed clearance on a soul level that is often required.

Betrayal leaves an awfully deep wound. The pain hurting so bad, as often it is those closest to us that betray our trust, our confidence and our hope. The major issue with betrayal is that although the pain may be excruciating, we often bury it, cut it off and close ourselves down in order to not feel or endure any potentially suffering.

This I feel can be likened to a silent danger zon