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I've been working on self-love for years now, yet it keeps coming up. I'm thinking to myself what more do I seriously have to do to fully shift into and embody self-love? Why is it not there? I meditate, have lovely baths, sit with my crystals, journal, affirmations. Argh!!! I give up! I want to do self-love where I'm going to a restaurant whenever I feel like it, having monthly facials and pedicures without it being an exchange which depletes my unfilled well. What more do I need to do to get this Cup of love filled and over flowing??? So as suggested by my lovely friend Barbara who is a kinesiologist, and noticed how tired I looked, a few weeks ago I started doing EFT tapping, saying 'I love myself'. The thing is, when I do tapping it really brings what is buried deep to the surface and for a good few days I can feel so rubbish. So I sat in this space for a while.  A few days later I was tapping, and saying a very lacklustre 'I love myself', my mind was saying no you don't, look at your room. You wanted it to be a sanctuary and it's a mess. I continued tapping away, 'I love myself', and the voice in my head started up again, no you don't, you don't even eat. How can you love yourself when you won't even cook for yourself or eat. Let alone eat properly! And bam! That was the breakthrough. The self-love literally has to be at the very foundation of it all. Me, my body, my temple. Eating and eating right. Washing and doing my hair nice. Separating my work from my sanctuary. The self-love has to start from the absolute basics, or else the meditations and positivity and all that kind of stuff have no foundation to lay roots into. So if you are there wondering why this journey to self-love feels like it is never ending, in part it is, yet you also may need to look at your normal daily life on ground level. The spiritual stuff can look beautiful and serene but will come undone if your physical and emotional self isn't strong enough to hold it. For you to be in spiritual strength you need to be physically strong. And that's where 'I love myself' then becomes your truth. 

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