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Beneath the Crown

We often look at the Chakra system as a direct line up to source, up to the Crown. This is the way of many teachings that span over thousands of years. Energetically, and particularly in Western teaching of the Chakra system, we see our Chakras, ascending through the rainbow colour spectrum as a vertical line. We then reach the Crown Chakra which within the 7 Chakra system is the only one that is not fixed within the physical body’s energy system.

It is at the Crown where we find ourselves in communion with the divine. Where we reach a state of bliss and higher awareness of life and universal love. In thinking of this energy centre, it brings images of yogis beneath trees in deep meditation, free of all worldly possessions and attachments. Enlightened beings, revered for their higher states of consciousness and the wisdom they brought to humanity here on Earth. Not many people chose this life. It was not something easily attained. Activating the Crown Chakra was not a one time job that you could fit into your lunch break and come back down from again before starting the next shift! It was a calling, a soul purpose and would take the dedication of a lifetime.

Fast forward to where we are now, in a millenium of amazing technology where we are on a quest to access everything as quickly as possible, including enlightenment. For some, it is a calling or a gift, for others a hobby, and for many an exploration into healing and discovering ourselves on a deep level.

It is said that if there is an imbalance in the Crown Chakra, any manner of physical and emotional disease can occur. Problems with the Central Nervous system, severe depression, neurological disorders, thyroid problems, and I could go on and on because absolutely anything is up for grabs when we are looking at the Crown Chakra.