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Closing Out Cycles

When you get stripped of your essence, when you are completely empty of all who you were, you finally get to a point where you have to re-claim back the parts of you that you left elsewhere. The fragments where you know who you left them with. And that can sometimes mean going back.

You see that spiral of healing, where you go back around to the same lesson, the same cycle and you don’t know why you are going back to it? You know what the lesson is, you know it’s toxic or not right for you but you keep going back.

Well I now think of that as going back to reclaim what is yours. The pieces of you that you gave away, through fear, through lack of self awareness, though low self worth. Your fragments. Yet as you travel up this spiral of cycles, healing along the way, you will be doing internal work, learning and integrating lessons about yourself.

Think about it. Each time you go back around, you don’t stay as long. Each time you walk away you are that much stronger and able to deal with the cycle of hurt and betrayal. Then one day you wake up and you know it’s the final match, it’s your final time around on this cycle.

You won’t be going back and there is the deepest knowing that the cycle has now closed, the karma has been cleared. That finally you will not be repeating this again in this lifetime or any others to come.

When you walk away, you realise that even as you cry tears, you are whole. You are fully complete. All the parts that you had given away so many times are restored. And now you can breathe.

Now you are free.

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