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New Moon in Sagittarius

Just like that false mask we can put on, we thought we could kid ourselves into a false sense of excitement. Yay! New Moon in Sag! We're going to feel amazing and go on adventures and it's go to be the first day of the rest of my life and...

Hold up! Who are you kidding?!?! This lunar cycle is not having it! It is not having us ride on its coat tails to a false sense of security or happiness.

We forgot one thing. Sagittarius is so brutally real with us! So right now this energy will feel dense AF. We will be thinking, but I just got this done, and I accomplished that huge task I had put off and I just released the ex once and for all.

But how you feeling inside love? Because it's not matching what you want to display on the outside.

No more faking it. Deal with the inside and it will naturally reflect on the outside.

Be authentic. Be real. Be you.

And so it is.

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