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May 2023 Energy Update

So it turns out that all roads this year have been leading us to the magnificent 5/5 Portal! And my goodness it's a powerhouse of energy!

Just the 5/5 Portal alone is showing us that the deck is about to collapse, and that's a good thing. We're on course with regards to the planetary ascension process, gates have been activated, some have been closed and new higher frequency energies have been able to enter the planet over the 18 months which is enabling more people to awaken. Since the 5/5 Portal in 2022 and the Planetary DNA Activation of the Sacrum really began to take hold, there has been a greater focus on regulation of the Sympathetic Nervous System across the collective that enables the universe to read a more coherent frequency from humanity. It also shows humanity that we are collectively strong enough to question narratives that have been played out to our detriment, as well as, remain more anchored than previously possible when any turbulence attempts to shift our psyche off its current trajectory.

The day of the 5/5 Portal also brings with it our most potent moon of the year, the Full Moon in Scorpio, (western astrology) and a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. This year, it will also be the day for the release of the Annual Global Blueprints from Earth's Crown Chakra, which is currently situated at the sacred Mount Kailash in Tibet. If you feel called to, tune into the energy of Earth's Crown Chakra on the day to see what messages are brought to you with regards to Earth and the collective for the coming year and beyond.

The Starbeing energy that is holding the foundation for us as we approach the 5/5 Portal is from the Arcturians. They are working hard to assist us with raising and anchoring in the frequencies needed for us to align with Tara, the 5d consciousness of Earth and this includes cleaning up and collapsing the collective Karmic Board that has held humanity in separation for thousands of years. It is likely that we will see themes played out across Governmental structures and MSM that aim to keep us in doubt, unworthiness, anger and betrayal as they attempt to cling on the last vestiges of antiquated systems that were only for the benefit of the few.

The Andromedans are also present although more holding space on the periphery until it is time for them to step forward with the next phase of the work which is likely to begin from the 9/9 Portal onwards. Where they may potentially assist us is with coming into alignment with the core of our truth and the reclamation of our essence, especially if it has been stifled through years of doing things and living life in a way that is more out of duty rather than passion. If you are on the fence about anything, take that as a hard NO! Can you imagine how accelerated the ascension process would be if we all stood so firmly in our truth and only said yes to the things we truly wish to participate in.

Enjoy the upcoming days, weeks and months ahead. Take time out to rest and integrate your alignments when needed. And remember to always love!



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