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Saturday 16th July
10.30am to 5.30pm

Gnome House, 7 Blackhorse Lane, (Entrance via Sopwith Ave), London E17 6DS

Admission: Adults - £1.50 on door, Children - free


Hosted by Sonya Sage,
Founder of UK Spiritual Hour

Spirit Cong, short for Spiritual Conglomerate, is a coming together of different aspects of the Spiritual Journey to Awaken, Activate, Align and Ascend the areas of our lives that are in need of greater balance, connection, harmony, inner peace, reflection or release.

Bringing together aspects of the traditional MBS style events such as vendors, retail stalls and healing & holistic practitioners, along with a full day programme of workshops and activities in our dedicated wellness space.

So what makes Spirit Cong unique you may be wondering? Frequency! I have worked with many of the Workshop Facilitators, Practitioners and Vendors over the past 2 years, many have joined me in Earth Activation work, and the one thing I can say with ease is that we are all well established on our own personal paths of spirituality and healing. I'm a strong believer in diving deep to the core of what is keeping us in separation from self and others, in order to heal as a collective. 

I believe that the frequency this event will either:

  • awaken your journey to self-love and self-healing

  • activate you to a frequency where you are able to move forward, especially if you have felt stagnant on your path

  • align you to your current highest timeline

  • ascend you to a higher level of consciousness, faith, trust and understanding of self and greater aspects of the Earth and Cosmos.

Come not with expectations of how everything should look and feel, but with a devotional quality to your heart centre and complete faith that the frequency shift you are waiting for has arrived.

*Please note: there is very little viable parking in this area. Travel by public transport is recommended. Blackhorse Road Underground Station on the Victoria Line is a 2 minute walk away from the venue.

What's On...


Come and get your spiritual shopping done under one roof! Crystals, Cleansing Tools, Handcrafted Candles & Jewellery, Artwork and more!

Click the button below to see who will be exhibiting.

Energy Healing and Holistic Practitioners

Treat yourself to balance and realignment in our Healing Space. We will have a practitioners providing taster sessions ranging from Reiki, and Indian Head Massage to Facials and Sound Healing

Wellness Space

We've got you covered! From an opening Cacao Ceremony to Sound Healing, Cellular Healing Through Dance and Meditations & Activations.

Remember to book your chosen workshops in advance via the button below.

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