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creating a life of purpose and balance

For 2019 we will be offering an 'in-person' option for the 7 Moons 7 Chakras Programme. This will include a physical copy of the workbook every month, your intuitively chosen core crystal for each lunar cycle and a 2 hour group progress session along with meditation each New Moon of the Programme. This will be held in the East London and Essex area and dates will be given in advance.

Please check below to see payment options for both the online only programme and the 'in-person' programme.

Are you at the beginning stages of your spiritual journey? Do you feel there is so much out there and you need some guidance with understanding it all? Are you at a stage where you are ready to do the deep work?


If you found yourself nodding YES to any of these questions, then this is the programme for you!

We are now enrolling for our 2019 launch of our successful and awakening 7 Moons 7 Chakras programme! The programme will begin on 6th January 2019 when the New Moon is in Capricorn.


This programme is all about practice and commitment. It is in developing and maintaining a practice, along with being committed to yourself that you are able to witness the greatest changes in your life. Hope and waiting for the miracle to come in is not enough. But when you come to an understanding that you have internal work to do and you are willing and committed to step forward on this process of transformation, then you are in the amazing position of laying the foundations for the greatness to enter.

7 Moons 7 Chakras will take you on a journey where you feel confident in developing a spiritual practice that is unique to you. It will run along with the Lunar Cycles, bringing through the right energy to focus on making your intentions and desires, your reality.


The programme will encourage you to be reflective about your needs and desires as well as looking at the shadow aspects within.


Throughout the 7 lunar cycles you will be guided on what spiritual tools are available and how to work with them with a focus on crystals.


Each Lunar Cycle will focus on one of the 7 main Chakras, giving you the opportunity to develop your knowledge base whilst working on your journey of self-healing. You will also receive a  70 page (approx) workbook every cycle with prompts and guides for each day along with gaining a deeper understanding of the energy of crystals and how they can be used in grids along with Sacred Geometry.


Throughout the  programme you will work on developing your intuition and gain an understanding of language used in spiritually based texts and blogs.

There is a private Facebook group for all members of the programme. Here you will be able to participate in the New Moon live video at the beginning of each cycle, where you will be chosen a core crystal to work with every four weeks. This space is also where you will be able to access meditation videos and share thoughts, ideas and questions to do with the tasks you are completing.


Members will also receive a monthly discount and special offers on specified products and services from the online shop.

There are a few new payment options available:

Online only - this includes full access to the Facebook group and an electronic version of the workbook each lunar cycle 

£33.33 per month for 7 payments


£222 one time payment

The 'in-person' option is

£77 per month for 7 payments


£444 one time payment.

To book you place and pay with monthly instalments please click below. 

To book your place with a one time payment please click here to email Sonya to arrange payment.

Feedback from the First Cohort

'This is my favourite part of the 7 months 7 chakras program. I'm loving finding out what messages the crystals have for me!'


'So I've been going through my sacral workbook and really being honest about my intentions for this cancer new moon and i really want and need some organisation in my life!!! i always feel so chaotic and my house reflects that most of the time! so activating my sacral i'm getting creative about tacking the problem and making my own magical energy clearing cleaning products.

thank you sonya for making mesit down and think about what i want and how i want to feel.'


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