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Belief and Boundaries

***DECEMBER 2017 ENERGY REPORT *** BELIEF AND BOUNDARIES It's taken me about 2 weeks to write this piece. But holding space with the 12/12 gateway makes me feel that now is the right time for this one. Well 2017 has not been the year I imagined. It has certainly been an intense year with amazing highs along with deep lows. It has only been over the past few months that I have really 'got it' and gained greater understanding of my spiritual journey as well as myself as a person. In digging deep, discovering and moulding my personal beliefs it has really made me look at and question the boundaries I have. In our minds, we create boundaries for ourselves and others, often without even realising that we have done so. It is only when we feel we are in a situation where our personal space, emotions or beliefs are compromised by something or someone that we feel a line has been crossed, our boundaries have been breached. This happened to me a number of times this year. In writing my SATYAS, my truths, I was then able to establish what energy/people /experiences I wish to have in my life and determine my own boundaries. People who cross your boundaries will question you about them. Possibly even beg or argue with you about YOUR own boundaries! This may be because they hold different boundaries to you, or have no boundaries at all or have no respect for you and your personal boundaries. We all assume that our boundaries are the same. They are not. It may be that we need to offer an explanation as to why and how our boundaries have been crossed. On the other hand, it may be that we need to cut somebody completely from our lives. For me I feel that working on my personal beliefs and Boundaries is guiding me to create the life that is best for me. After all no one can live my life but me!

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