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3D, 4D and 5D Consciousness

You've probably come across the terms 3D, 4D and 5D Consciousness whilst navigating your journey of awakening and spirituality, but what do these abstract concepts mean to us and how do they impact our lives?

We are living in a world which is raising in frequency. The vibrations of light that are entering planet Earth are increasing, which is causing a frequency shift for both the planet and us as humans. The transition from 3D to 5D is about the rise in our level of consciousness, which then manifests through our actions and behaviour, impacting the world we live in, on an individual and collective level. 

3D Consciousness

When looking at the Third Dimension we are guided to the Solar Plexus Chakra which deals with our identity and sense of being in the world, along with our personal power. The world we live in and the things that occupy our time or that we find ourselves juggling, are often heavily plugged into systems that can keep us in the 3D mindset of survival which can feel disempowering.

Characteristics and traits relating to 3D consciousness include:

Multiple zebra crossings with fast traffic
  • Lack of understanding to new concepts

  • Ego Mindset

  • Fear dominating decisions

  • Following rules and not questioning the narrative

  • Lack of trust

  • Self doubt

  • Scarcity and lack mindset

  • Victimhood

  • Judgemental

  • Control

  • Separation

The third layer of the aura is the mental body which is the lower aspect of our mental potential. It is attached to our physical state and the level of consciousness in which we process our life experiences. The mental body looks at our ideas and beliefs, how these are filtered out to the wider world and reflected back to us. The majority of people on the Earth plane are mentally processing their experiences through a lens of 3D awareness. It is this vibratory level that thoughts and mental processes will be responded to via the universe and delivered as manifested matter in our lives.

The universe does not hear the words we say. It reads and responds to the frequency we are embodying and sending out. We can say all the most wonderfully positive words and thoughts in the world, but if our actual being, our essence and vibratory resonance is not in accordance with our thought and word, the deed and actuality will either not be able to materialise or will be short lived. Our level of consciousness provides the underpinning for the foundation needed to create, birth and manifest New Earth and a new way of being into our lives.

To find out more about transmitting a readable frequency to the universe, watch this blog from 6:43 minutes and this post from 18 minutes into the videos. These were recorded 2 years ago whilst I was conducting planetary DNA Activation work and also explain the importance of a regulated sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous symptom in our quest to raise consciousness both individually and collectively.

The Abyss of 4D

We hear so much about 3D to 5D, but there is very little information available on the fourth dimension. Spiritual bypassing and the human ego is being displayed at it's finest level in the heights of what should be the ascension process! How are we as a collective able to anchor in and sustain 5th Dimensional Consciousness if we are unwilling to delve into the Fourth Dimension? Navigating the Fourth Dimension is a critical part of our spiritual awakening in order to align with our purpose and access the potential of our highest timeline here on Earth.

The 4th Dimension calls on us to really do the work and not just play lip service to it. We will be shown that the universe is reading our frequency more so than the words we are speaking.

Many people who are immersed in their spiritual journeys are juggling what we may consider 3D lifestyles / obligations / commitments. This may cause them to be stuck in the holding space of 4D which can initially feel dense and heavy. It is quite easy to become submerged in this energy and then stuck in a pattern of constantly seeking healing externally, which may follow a similar pattern to other addictions, along with a need to be saved.

Yes it is necessary to go through 4D to release trauma, cycles, patterns and karmic residual, but what is also becoming apparent is that many are stuck in what feels to be a groundhog day type energy. Dense energy can enter this energetic sphere and with this you can slip back into an immersive 3D mindset with ease, which of course brings with it the dilemmas and cycles that you were sure you had already released and moved on from.

So what prevents us from ascending to 5D with ease? Most certainly life and all the constraints of our 3D world play its part. But in just focusing on our external world, are we not slipping into bypassing again?

The stories we hear of Masters who attained a higher state of consciousness did so with a complete devotion to the Crown and beyond. And maybe this is the case for those that do not have the responsibility or commitments that come with living what is considered to be a 3D life in a fast evolving world.

Characteristics and traits relating to 4D Consciousness are:

Small bottles with oils, herbs and flowers

  • Being more flexible

  • Noticing more synchronicity in life

  • Recognise behavioural patterns & 3D programming

  • Identifying patterns created through trauma

  • Intuitive development

  • Healing

  • Understanding and awareness

  • Happier

  • Grounded

  • Forgiveness

  • Able to connect with your own inner light

  • Integrated learning

  • Manifesting with greater ease

I believe the most important aspect, which we either choose to ignore or bury, is that we have to be willing to lose or let go of everything in order to ascend into 5D consciousness and continue at a higher level on our soul journey. That is what will take us somewhere so sacred and lead us to who we truly are, our inner source of truth. Through this journey of healing and remembrance, we are guided to navigate many walls of separation. The wall of separation of fear is held in the third eye. Fear of the unknown will often prevent us from taking the steps that can prove transformational for our growth and wellbeing.

For integration to take place, we need to recognise that irrespective of the clearing, releasing of old programming and closing of cycles we have done, if we are not willing to surrender to what Pure Consciousness holds, the shift out of 4D and into 5D consciousness cannot take hold. In not fully letting go, this is where many people begin to feel stagnant in their spiritual awakening and may enter the abyss of 4D. It may feel like chaos until we realise that there is power and the potential for greatness in our vulnerability. The more we do the work, there is a remembrance of our true essence and this leads to greater synchronicity in our lives. We see as our self awareness increases that an integration is taking place, preparing us for the embodiment of our 5D timeline. To transcend the 4D consciousness there does have to be an element and willingness to let go of everything, without fear that all will actually be lost

The energy in the 4D consciousness is what we make it. We can allow ourselves to get lost and stagnant or we can work with the energy to our benefit, to recognise and release ego patterns and programming, heal and forgive ourselves and others and challenge old belief systems. In doing so we are able to recognise our power, step further into our potential and align with our purpose. 

5D Awakening

Aligning all areas of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies is necessary with the acceptance that what is no longer in alignment, will need to fall away, in order for the embodiment of our 5D timeline to manifest.

5D is a state of consciousness, of blissful heart based intention. It is from this level of consciousness that both the hemispheres of the brain are merged (masculine and feminine) enabling us to fully feel the universe around us, whilst working coherently with life force and universal energies in harmony. This consciousness brings through potential, synchronicity and timelines that were previously inaccessible. It guides us to maintain focus as we manifest from the heart and see results manifest more rapidly. This awakening presence is attainable in 5D as at this level of consciousness, we are living from a state of trust, faith, grace, harmony and love. From this space we act with intention and purpose knowing that we are being divinely guided to create our own versions of heaven here on earth. When we are pure with our intention, it aligns with the highest good with that for the world.

Characteristics and traits relating to 5D consciousness include:

A nebula
  • A sense of oneness

  • Recognising the need to honour Earth

  • Fearless

  • Unconditional love

  • Grace

  • Being of service

  • Embodied gratitude

  • Unity consciousness

  • Inner peace and joy

  • In flow with universal energy

  • Connected to universal abundance

As we collapse old timelines, we are able to choose which timeline we wish to be on and manifest from. We are also more able to close and / or heal concurrent or possible future timelines. This is the space where we are able to see with clarity how we are master co-creators with source.

Fear is the biggest block to manifestation and living on a 5D timeline. Not surrendering and letting go prevents us from living in the freedom of our sovereignty and truth. The faith and trust that comes from living in our truth also brings a fearless strength that we may have been unaware existed within us. We just need to free up the old ways first for this to be able to enter!

It is equally important to remember that 5D consciousness is not for us to be living up in the clouds, believing that harder aspects of life on Earth and the trials of humanity will no longer affect us. This ignorance or bypassing is very much plugged into ego and attached to 'new age' or 20th Century spiritual teachings. The enlightened, conscious, awareness of 5D is to be anchored into Earth and all aspects of our everyday lives, in order to be of benefit and a guiding light for ourselves and our fellow humans, to support in the rise in frequency of the Earth that is also taking place.

And so it is!


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Thank you Sonya for your time in providing this very sacred information and very grateful for this. Have read this twice now so thank you 🙏 💫🙌💜

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