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March 2019 - Lapis Lazuli

The chosen crystal for March 2019 is Lapis Lazuli. This crystal resonates with both the Throat and Brow Chakras and provides a beautiful calm with a sense of deep inner knowing, laced with magic!

The month will be governed with the planet Mercury in Retrograde from the 5th to 28th of March, so I feel that for this current transit Lapis Lazuli will be a fantastic guide to see you through smoothly yet effectively.

When Mercury is in retrograde it appears as if it is moving backwards. This is all to do with it’s positioning to and how quickly it orbits the sun, compared to our planet Earth. We may find that we have issues with our electronics, from our mobiles to white goods. We are often reminded during this period to not make any big ticket purchases without thoroughly going through the small print and making sure that paperwork does not contain any hidden surprises. Another aspect of our lives that this transit calls us to pay more attention to is travel and the arrangements we make. Double check tickets and travel times, don’t stress if there are delays and make sure the car is in tip top order!

The thing is, many people live in fear of these Mercury Retrograde transits, wishing they could retreat under the duvet until it’s all over. What is often neglected is that like attracts like, so if we are fearing the possibility of negative things happening, then it is likely that these will be reflected back at us.

The message from Mercury is to not fear his energy. Use the time when his planet is in Retrograde to do all the ‘re’ things. Revisit, revise, rework, review, remember, re-think, rewrite, reset, and we could go on and on.

Take the time to connect with Mercury’s energy. As a ruler of communication, it is a great time to do the inner work needed through speaking with people or journalling your thoughts and ideas. If people from the past come back into your life during this period, reflect on why they were no longer in your life before. Is there something that needs to be healed or is the a lesson or message that can be taken from your interaction with them, to finally be released? Or do you need to rethink your boundaries or even your own behaviour in these interactions?

This is a period to really strengthen the foundation of your spiritual growth and personal journey and that is where Lapis Lazuli can come in and assist you.

Lapis Lazuli will guide you to rediscover the source of your truth. It provides a balance between connecting with the cosmos yet staying centred and recognising the power you have to manifest here in the real world. I feel that it is a stone of integrity, leading you to stand firm in your beliefs and release the energetic weight of what has held you back, providing the space needed for you to welcome change and align your life with the timeline that resonates with who you are and what you wish to create. Lapis Lazuli encourages you to connect calmly to the wisdom that is and has always been within. An amazing crystal to meditate with, you will find yourself feeling more confident in everyday life to pursue your dreams, apply for that dream job and take up the hobby that you have been wanting to try out for years.

Lapis Lazuli will assist you with doing the necessary reflection and restoration of self that Mercury requires of you at this time.

Have an amazing month ahead!


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