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New Moon in Taurus


MAY 4TH 2019


Its all about activations. From dormant DNA strands to Kundalini to emerging Chakras beyond the standard 7 Chakra system, lightcodes and Merkaba activation.

It's also about integration. Of all the parts of you, the masculine and the Feminine, the light and the dark, the yin and the yang, fully embodying as above so below.

It's about alignment, ensuring you are a clear channel for source energy whilst remaining grounded and fully connected to the powerful new crystalline earth grid energies.

It's activation, integration and alignment to these energies that are to carry you through to the Lionsgate, and then who knows? It's not time for you to receive the 'what's next' message. Right now you're to remain present as you embody the shifting energies. You are creating the conditions for oneness. You are walking the path to wholeness. You are finally recognising that you are enough. For you. And that is the most important ingredient in the recipe that will create you living on your highest timeline of love.

*Additional message*

The Divine Feminine is scared of the connection. She said she has been ready for months, for years even. But she is scared of committing to this union. There are so many fears that she will be let down, that she will lose everything. The Divine Masculine is now ready. He has never been so ready or so sure about anything else so deeply in his life. He appears completely calm. Standing strong like a powerful Citrine that can withstand all conditions. Knowing that there is one thing that is needed and that is to be in union with the Divine Feminine.

This additional message may resonate with you on an external level. What is most important is to bring this message within, to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, to your soul. You embody both masculine and Feminine. What parts of you need reconciling so that you can return to wholeness. Where do you need to heal so you can come into Sacred Union with yourself.

Union with Self is key.

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