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Reset to Rest: Aligning the Lightbody for DNA Activation

The beauty of the work we do for Sacred Earth Guardianship is that we get gifted. In my case I get shown new perspectives and what healing is needed within the collective.

My Soul Mission for this year is to activate the planetary DNA codes into the Spine of Albion. This is a channel of energy (leyline) that runs from the Isle of Wight to the northern coast of Scotland.

Currently we are working on the area that would represent the sacrum within the spinal column. The sacrum guides us to the DNA activation of the centre of gravity.

When looking at the centre of gravity we know as humans that it is essential in terms of us being connected and literally standing on the earth. Gravity determines the flow of our blood and how it is distributed throughout the body . When looking at the laws of gravity, the force of something with a greater mass than us pulls us in, attracts us towards it. We can apply this concept spiritually, in that we attract that which we have a vibrational alignment into our lives. If we increase our Spiritual Mass, is there the possibility that it will greatly enhance our connection and understanding of all that is and the Laws of the Universe? I believe in the years to come, this Planetary DNA Activation will prove vital to the acceleration of the Awakening of the Human Collective and the shift to Higher Consciousness.

In recently bringing through an alignment and activation to Beacon Hill in Hampshire, an area which I consider to be the S4 vertebrae on the spine of Albion, I have been shown the human collective distortion that is being held which is preventing the Spiritual acceleration of planetary consciousness.

I have since been guided to look at the nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system deals with fight or flight. We often equate this to situations of danger and the need to protect ourselves and keep safe. It keeps us in survival mode. Yet, if we really look at the lives we live we will see that the majority of humanity is living too heavily in their sympathetic nervous system. There is conditioning that has increased greatly over the past few 100 years that we have to work really hard in order to survive. And even if we're doing well and living a life of our choosing this programming remains with the belief that for us to have continued success we still have to be doing the most.

Children do not escape this way of life. We wake them up at the alarm before the body is even ready to rise, to get them to school by a certain time, for them to work all day, to then come home and cart them off to different activities keeping them on the go constantly. We are programmed to believe rest is for the weak and that achievement can only take place through constant action.

Humanity as a whole has forgotten the concept of rest. The parasympathetic nervous system has forgotten how to do its job. When looking at the parasympathetic nervous system we see these duties are rest and digestion. It looks after other systems within us that deal with release, such as, excretion, urination, and the production of tears. It also deals with the production of our saliva which assists with producing enzymes to help break down our food so it is easier to digest as it enters the intestinal tract. The parasympathetic nervous system also helps regulate our resting heart rate and our breathing.

I'm being shown that a reset of the parasympathetic nervous system is needed and the activation of the sacrum region of the Albion Spine is assisting with this taking place on the planetary level.

When in our embryonic state we are directly connected to source energy. It's when we enter the Earth Plane that we experience our first trauma with the umbilical cord being cut. Whilst in the womb, we were Etheric Beings, connected directly to Divine Source via our umbilical cords. We are being guided to remember our embryonic breath. We are being guided to remember what it is to be able to breathe, not for survival, but for deep sacred connection. This cannot be done with the parasympathetic nervous system emitting a distorted frequency.

If the parasympathetic nervous system is reset it will completely change the frequency that we are sending out to the cosmos. Currently the collective is holding too great a distorted frequency, with a vibrational reading of fear, survival, shock and unworthiness.

The reset of the parasympathetic nervous system will allow us to welcome rest. It will allow us to accept the space of the cosmic womb where we may find we're in a state of nothingness. Yet this is the space where true alignment with our highest timeline and states of being is able to enter. We have to be sending out a calm, readable frequency that the universe can respond to.

We are at a time where we cannot hide or run away from the need to focus on our connection to the Earth. Align this connection with the air that we breath and we will be shown that we are the most sacred union, connecting and bringing the connection to the heart of it all.



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