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Part 2 - Reset to Rest: Aligning the Lightbody for DNA Activation

The Gifts of the Spine of Albion just keep on giving! We completed what I consider to be the Sacrum part of this path on Sunday 22nd May 2022.

When we are looking at our spinal column, we are generally born with 33 vertebrae and by the time we reach adulthood, much of the lower vertebrae has fused into one. For example, the 4 vertebrae that consists of the coccyx would have fused into one structure and the 5 vertebrae that consists of the Sacrum would have also fused together.

The Spine of Albion consists of 33 different points where the masculine channel Belinus, and the feminine channel Elen meet and create nodes. Nodes are points where the energy of two or more paths intersect. For example, from a spiritual perspective, we can consider these intersections to be portal points, containing information to be downloaded from the cosmos / universe and points where we can upload information to be distributed throughout the Earth, and vice versa.

The Sacrum part of the Spine of Albion has consisted of the following locations.

  • Winchester Cathedral

  • Beacon Hill, Hampshire

  • Uffington Castle

  • Dragon Hill, Uffington

  • The Archdruid's Longbarrow, Rollright Stones

The Planetary DNA activation for the Sacrum is the Centre of Gravity and I believe that this is an activation that will be available for the entire human species to receive providing they are willing to let go and surrender of all they know themselves to be, in order to come into a remembrance of who they truly are.

We began this part of the planetary DNA activation at Winchester Cathedral on Spring Equinox and the culmination of it, at the Rollright Stones, brought through a greater understanding as to why it is essential to have a reset of the Parasympathetic Nervous System.

The final piece in this part of the puzzle is bringing through the importance of the human ability to read, understand and adjust to the cycles and rhythms of the Earth through the innate quality of our own biorhythms.

Our biorhythms consist of:

  • The sleep-wake cycle

  • Bodily Temperature

  • Hormonal changes

Our biorhythms can influence our mental, emotional and physical well-being. I believe that if we are conducting life too heavily in the sympathetic nervous system, it becomes harder to regulate and readjust to our natural biorhythm, which can then allow conditions such as depression, high blood pressure and hormonal imbalance to set in.

The Earth's biorhythms consist of:

  • Day and night

  • seasons

  • the tides

Animals are attuned to the biorhythms of the Earth, hence why certain species will lay eggs at specific tides, other animals migrate or hibernate according to the seasons.

The negative influence and effect of the human collective on the environment and climate can and potentially has already affected the natural biorhythms of the Earth.

The Centre of Gravity DNA activation gives everyone within the human collective the chance to attune their own natural rhythms to the flow and cycles of the Earth.

There are two sides to this. Firstly we have to put in the work. We have to be willing to let go and surrender all that we have known with regards to how we live and conduct our lives as humans. We tend to operate from survival, even when we are in a state of success and believe we are living the life of our dreams. Unfortunately, many are also living their lives based on greed and entitlement which can have detrimental effects, not just on the individual but also communities and the world as a whole.

The shifts that are needed will be filtered through to us spiritually, in order for us to come into a mental realisation and strength to make the changes necessary. This will produce a positive impact on our physical lives which will be recognised through a better and more positive emotional well-being and interconnectedness with others.

Once the surrender, acceptance and shifts have begun to take place, we then begin to attune to the frequency and rhythms of the Earth in a way and at a pace that humanity has not been able to do for aeons.

What will this do and bring through for us? I feel this level of sensitivity, akin to that of the animal kingdom, will enable us to understand what healing is needed within the Earth. Most certainly for our own communities and places where we live, it is a grass roots job.

But you'll have to let me get back to these Planetary DNA activations that need to take place, because without a doubt, there is so much more to this remembrance that is waiting to unfold!



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