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A Crystal Crush

You know that feeling, when you fall abit too deep into something and it's all you can think about whenever you have a spare moment? Yes, I used to be like that about him too! But... then I discovered crystals and wow, life has not been the same since!

My Crystal Crush was so bad that I even left my lovely, secure, administration job of 10 years for it. Yes, my kids thought I was absolutely crazy so I don't mind if you're thinking it too!

Have you ever heard about the Law of Resonance? Energy, vibrations, frequencies etc. I felt a strong resonation with crystals. Not just 1 particular crystal, but all crystals. So much so that I went out and bought 500 of them! I've never be one to do things by halves!

It was from this point that I then created The Sage Son and I soon discovered that I was also able to work intuitively with crystals, choosing for friends and family and even for strangers, whatever crystal was needed at that particular time.