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The Sage Son meets... Especialness

I feel blessed that while I was at the Mind Body Spirit Festival on Saturday, I came across Especialness and Litios, Light Crystals of the New Age.

Litios Light Crystals look absolutely stunning and the energy I felt when holding the crystal literally flooded throughout my body, allowing me to physically feel the activation of the light crystal within me.

I spoke with Karin who runs Especialness about the crystal sphere that I felt resonated with me. She informed me that it was a Merkaba Sphere to release old programmes and detach from old strutures, as well as, the process of transformation into illuminated beings of the New Age.

As you can see in the picture, this sphere was glowing in my hand! It was a truly magcal experience to be able to hold it.

Do check out the wonderful items over at Especialness. Karin also does amazing light work and runs seminars which enable the participant to discover their own power.

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