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Year End

I've been forced to stop. Amidst orders coming in and the rounds of festive entertaining my body has decided that it's had enough for the year! My body decided to enter a feverish state during the early hours of Monday morning and decides it will re-enter such state each time I leave the house! Whhyyyy???? There's still too much to do! I haven't even had time to buy the kids their presents yet! Why now???

But I know why. I'd still be going if I didn't feel so unwell. By stopping, I actually have had the chance to reflect on what has been one hell (or heaven, depending on perspective) of a year.

As I stop, breathe and go inwards, I begin to wonder who is this woman, so different from the woman that sat here a year ago? How did she get through this year? Where will 2016 take her?