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Hi everyone! Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful time seeing the new year in and are looking forward to a fulfilling and successful 2016 ahead. Although I have felt for a while that 2016 would be a year to bring amazing opportunities, as well as, challenges to help us grow, it is only over the past few days that I feel that the main theme of the year will focus on love.

How many of us are in need of self-love? We often think of love in terms of loving someone else whether that be our partner, our children or a friend. This is a beautiful way of being, but we also need to recognise that sometimes we are giving our all to the point that our reserves run dry and there is no love to give ourselves. If we are unable to love ourselves, it puts us in a position where we then struggle to heal from past hurts, trauma and pain. This then makes it more difficult for us to not only give love but also receive it as we feel unworthy.

Love raises the collective vibration of the universe. I'm inviting you, your friends and family to this year, hold the space of love. Primarily self-love which will then overflow to all of those around, creating a ripple effect. Everyday we will be asking questions, sharing posts and thoughts and invite you to share yours on little acts of love, how we ensure we are giving ourselves self-love and more! Using the hashtag #2016LoveChallenge, our intention is to grow a community via our facebook, instagram and twitter pages where we are able to support each other and spread ripples of love to those around us and the wider community.

Are you ready to take the #2016LoveChallenge?



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