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Energy for the July Full Moon

Evening everyone


I'm sitting back thinking about all the ‪magical moments of this weekend. There were so many and the one I'm going to share I have just remembered.

Whilst talking with some customers at my market stall in ‪‎Chingford ‬yesterday, one of them mentioned that she kept seeing white feathers everywhere and was sure they were a sign. As soon as those words left her lips a white feather floated and passed us at eye level! I exclaimed (extremely loudly!) OMG it's a white feather! And we were all filled with excitement! It truly was a magical moment and for me sums up the magic, miracles and synchronicity that happens when we all come together from a place of love and positivity and open to explore our life path and purpose.

It's a full moon on Tuesday night so perfect for cleansing and charging our‪ crystals‬ and also reviewing the intentions we set at the new moon and releasing and ‪‎healing‬ patterns of behaviour, limiting mindsets etc that no longer serve us.

This is a 9 year, a year of completion and we are more than half way through it now. Yes it has been hard on a personal and global level but i'm sure many of us are beginning to see beneath the veil that has kept us in fear and are growing in strength to reach a point where we live life more authentically by acknowledging the truth of who we are and not what society dictates us to be.

I'm sending you all so much happiness, love and strength for the week ahead.


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