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Rose Quartz

This month our crystal of choice is Rose Quartz. It holds so many wonderful properties including having a big focus on self-love and self-forgiveness.

We have created this stunning crystal grid which is currently on display in our shop window ensuring all who walk past or come in to the shop benefit from the energy.

The intention with the Rose Quartz in the grid is to activate the Heart Chakra, breaking down self-imposed barriers and allowing in the energy of love and compassion. Working on forgiving ourselves for the wounds and hurt we allowed in and then reflecting that forgiveness back out to humanity. Rhodonite has been used in the grid to bring deep emotional healing to the Heart Chakra as well as bringing balance to the masculine/feminine energy both within us and externally within our relationships. Blue Lace Agate has been included in this grid to ensure that whilst connecting with our Throat Chakra, we communicate our truth and allow our voice to be heard. Just because we are channelling forgiveness does not mean that we should lose our boundaries and allow negativity to re-enter our lives. This crystal is fantastic in aiding communication in an assertive, yet calm and loving manner. Smoky Quartz is fantastic for bring in grounding energy, gently opening up the Root Chakra and ensuring that we have a solid base in order to re-construct a foundation suitable for our new higher vibration. Amethyst brings calm and clarity to our lives, guiding us to connect with our higher selves and our spirit guides. The Quartz points enhance the energy of the grid and usher in fresh energy and good vibes for new beginnings.

The Rose Quartz hearts in the grid are available to purchase in our shop or via our online store.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.


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