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Day 10: Crystal and Chakra Challenge

What is you Heart Chakra Crystal and why? How do you connect and work with its energy? The Heart Chakra is located in the middle of our chest. I think of the Heart Chakra as being our connection to everything both in the physical, our mind and the spiritual world. It is the link between our lower Chakras which are very much Earth based and our higher Chakras which have a stronger focus on our mind, thought processes and spirituality. From the Heart Chakra we can look at how we exchange energy. When we inhale, we take in the energy of the world around us. When we exhale we are breathing and releasing a part of ourselves out into the world. Our Heart Chakra also governs love and compassion. If this Chakra is underachievement we may feel a lack of connection to everything around us and choose to isolate ourselves. When the Heart Chakra is overactive we may overcompensate and me overly giving yet with the inability to receive. Lots of hugging and touch is an ideal way of bringing balance to the Heart Chakra as well as working on breathing techniques or undergoing a course of holistic/spiritual therapy that resonates with us. 

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