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Crystal Grid For May 2018

This month, I created a crystal grid that takes inspiration from the Maypole, with the thought of ribbons in the breeze flowing free! The energy calls on you to embrace the light of the sun and let it warm up the flames of creation within you. If you have been keeping yourself small up to this point, it is time to break free and burn bright. You have worked so hard to get where you are now. Free yourself from the burdens you continue to carry, they are ghosts from the past and it is no longer necessary to carry them around like war wounds. Get out, have fun and embrace the future that you have created!

Welcome the calm

Tapping into the energy of Sodalite, during the first week of May you are called to take the time to reflect and replenish. If you have encountered many endings and changes over the past few months and feel that it has taken a lot out of you physically, emotionally and spiritually, create the space in your routine to tap into your inner wisdom. Integrate the lessons that you have learned. Connect with the vibration of Sodalite to rest easy and bring focus to your present state. If there is further information that you need to move forward, welcoming in calm, will bring you the clarity to seek it.

From fear to flow

The second week of the month may see old fears resurfacing. The energy of Honey Calcite calls on you to step into your power and say no to your old fears. These self-imposed energies did not serve any purpose before and will continue to hold you in a stagnant position. They are really crying out to be fully released now. You have worked so hard to bring about this transformation and it really has happened. You have birthed the seed and now it needs the time to be nurtured, ensuring it blooms into the beautiful creation that you have envisioned. Have belief that the path you are on is where you are meant to be right now. Transform your fear to flow and you will see that you are able to manoeuvre through any difficulties or obstacles with a lot more ease than previously possible.