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New Moon in Gemini Crystal Grid Reading

Gemini brings with it the element of Air, along with different perspectives, two sides of the story and what's hiding in the shadows.

This New Moon we feel that it brings forth an energy to really look at what works for us and what doesn't. What are you communicating and what are you trying to shy away from?

The grid works its way through all the Chakras. Centring with Clear Quartz ensuring that a fresh and stabilising new foundation can be created. Surround that is snowflake Obsidian which brings the emotional stability needed for coming to terms with endings and creating the space to begin something new. Red Jasper provides further strength and a need for us to ground our intentions with honouring Mother Earth. The fire energy of Carnelian runs through the grid, bringing in the fuel needed to overcome adversity and ensure we bring passion to all we create. Honey Calcite, Citrine and Tigers Eye bring together a combination of determination, joy and a reclamation of our power and self-belief. Green Aventurine and Amazonite create a lucky streak along the path we wish our intentions to take. Pink Andean Opal guides us to heal the heart and any karmic blockages we have had, along with honouring the Earth Goddesses through our creations. Blue Lace Agate Blue Calcite calls on us to step into the most authentic version of ourselves, honouring our truth and not shying away from speaking out when needed. Sodalite brings with it the wisdom we hold and the wisdom we have gained. Remember the life lessons but don't let them hold you in fear. Trust your intuition and all that is dear to you will materialise. And Amethyst brings through the energy of the Violet Flame, cleansing and transmuting all that is no longer necessary. Dissolving the blockages so that we can step forward with clarity. There is a strong call to plan and put the work in, especially if we have been wanting that breakthrough, whether that be in our work life, relationships or simply our emotional relationship with ourselves. There is a definite underlying energy that brings through the winds of change along with sudden and swift shifts. This may just be a case of our perspective on things, or bigger changes within our lives that will ultimately push us onto the right path, the path of our calling. It's our choice if we choose to continue in the same direction as before, but we all know, it's so much easy to flow with the wind rather than go against it! Complementing this is the energy of St Germain and the Violet Flame, bringing in a real need for cleansing and purification. The alignment we have called for is on its way, provide we get out of our own way, surrender and allow the shifts to take us to the shore we have being longing for. Sending you all new moon blessings!

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